Sell Like Crazy

Right Voice For You specialty workshops are designed to unlock and uncover wherever you are holding yourself back in your life and introduce you to the basic tools of Right Voice For You.  These workshops show you how fast and dynamic a lasting change can occur while assisting you in finding and sharing your authentic voice with the world.

What if it wasn’t selling?

What if the common myth that says that some people are great at sales and some people aren’t – was just a myth? What if that’s not true?

Do you struggle with feeling like you’re “pushing” things on people and not making the money you know you could? Not knowing how to connect to the people that walk through your door or not fully enjoying your days at work but not knowing how to change it?

Right Voice for You is a body of tools that empowers you to create connections with anyone, know what they want, and deliver it in a way that makes them happy and increases your bottom line. Which can result in raving fans of the service you provide, repeat customers and an increased cash flow!

When the “best kept secrets” of the best salespeople aren’t secrets any more, what else is truly possible?

Class Duration:  1 day

Pre-requisites:  None! This is an introductory class; everybody is welcome to attend.