Unlock Your Creative Genius

Right Voice For You specialty workshops are designed to unlock and uncover wherever you are holding yourself back in your life and introduce you to the basic tools of Right Voice For You.  These workshops show you how fast and dynamic a lasting change can occur while assisting you in finding and sharing your authentic voice with the world.

Are you blocking your creativity?

Have you ever heard yourself wishing that you were creative? That you would like to create the things that other people seem to be able to do with a ton of ease?

Would you like to discover your hidden creative capacities? Gaining access to those capacities that you didn’t even know you had?

What if you could find out there’s more to you than you’ve even been willing to know and that you could walk away with a greater sense of ease with creating?

In this one day class, you may discover there are no secrets and that you’re way greater than you even knew.

Class Duration:  1 day

Pre-requisites:  None! This is an introductory class; everybody is welcome to attend.