Master Flirt

Right Voice For You specialty workshops are designed to unlock and uncover wherever you are holding yourself back in your life and introduce you to the basic tools of Right Voice For You.  These workshops show you how fast and dynamic a lasting change can occur while assisting you in finding and sharing your authentic voice with the world.

Are you a Master Flirt?

Does flirting come naturally to you or do you dread the dating game? Does the ease some people have elude you? Do you wish you were a wallflower while simultaneously wishing you had the courage to be the person you are when no one is watching?

Flirting is something we all come into the world knowing how to do until we start growing up and it gets all kinds of labels.

What if flirting is was the art of getting what you want while simultaneously giving the other person what they want?

And what if it could be fun?

Class Duration:  1 day

Pre-requisites:  None! This is an introductory class; everybody is welcome to attend.