Spotlight on Money

One of the most judged things on the planet is our bodies. The Right Body for You Spotlight classes “shine a light” on common areas of body judgment and offer simple-to-use tools that can change how you function with and create your body.

Who requires money?

What if you could change your financial reality by including your body in the creation of money? Your money goes to the care, feeding and nurturing of your body, so what if you allowed your body to contribute to how you create the wealth required to sustain it?

The Spotlight on Money is a one day class which will give you simple tools to use that will create immediate change in the area of money. By using the tools and techniques learned in this class you can create a connection between you, your body, and money! It will clear the limiting energy that money is beyond your grasp; removing the limiting belief that money is something other people have an abundance of … but you never will.

You may discover that your body is fantastic at money creation.

Class Duration:  1 day

Pre-requisites:  None! This is an introductory class; everybody is welcome to attend.