Possible Shift Stories

Social Injustice and VHS tapes!

I was talking with a very good friend of mine the other day (the kind of friend where we can be totally against each other’s point of view and still be close … I highly recommend friends like this by the way!) and the topic of social injustice came forward. I tried to explain how I am moving away from being strongly for or against certain topics, as I see that it is the energy we give to these topics that keeps them alive. My friend 

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Published by Grant Gallicano on October 12, 2018

Time for a Change!

The other day, I was looking out the window at the most amazing sunrise. I was thinking I should grab my camera and capture this magnificent wonder when a storm rolled in. It was surprising how quickly the weather changed – from a beautiful sunny morning into a windy, thundery, wet, rainy one! Then, within 15 minutes, the storm had passed and it was back to sunny again. This got me thinking. Nature didn’t appear 

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Published by Grant Gallicano on August 19, 2018

Can You Fix Me!

I recently attended a weekend Healthy Lifestyle Expo here in Trail. One of the common questions I heard was “Can You Fix Me?”. I found this rather interesting. First off, that so many people thought they were broken and second, that they were all looking for someone to change that. When I actually put my awareness towards this idea, it is very common. That feeling that you are in a long, dark tunnel with no Read More …

Published by Grant Gallicano on July 1, 2018

The Wrong Jacket!

I recently attended a wedding reception (a wonderful occasion) and while I was there I took my jacket off and left it on the back of a chair. As with any wedding reception, the chairs got moved around during the night and the chair with my jacket on it wasn’t where I left it. Apparently, my jacket was pretty popular because when I looked around there were actually three jackets that looked identical on chairs

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Published by Grant Gallicano on June 12, 2018

Who’s running this show?

Have you ever had one of those moments where something happened and you made the decision to never do that again (or maybe to always do that again)?  The thing about decisions, conclusions and expectations is that we make them under a unique set of circumstances, some of which we are completely unaware of. For example, that time when I was 10 and I decided to use a bike jump that some friends of mine

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Published by Grant Gallicano on May 22, 2018